SL Fashion Roundup

Thought I’d post here to relax a little. It’s crunch time, and the last outfits are coming in. I still need to shoot a cover shot with Nicky Ree‘s FaerieDae in Peach, but I haven’t found a satisfactory sim to hold it in. Tested the Nyte n Day outfit in Port Seraphine, but I suppose the faerie outfit won’t go very well with the Renaissance/Old World theme of the gardens 😉

Les Fleurs du Mal
Outfit: Nyte n’ Day Connate Plum Set. Accessories: "Simple" Stiletto in Chrome/Black, Sylfie Minogue; Evole Sunglasses, Primoptic.

Heiress Suit
Outfit: Last Call’s The Heiress Suit; Last Call Venezia Gown top worn as a camisole, tinted brown. Accessories: Evening Handbag, Deux Filles; "Simple" Stiletto in Chrome/Black, Evole Sunglasses. Prefab home by Maximilian Milosz of Maximum/Minimum

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