SL Fashion Roundup

Thought I’d post here to relax a little. It’s crunch time, and the last outfits are coming in. I still need to shoot a cover shot with Nicky Ree‘s FaerieDae in Peach, but I haven’t found a satisfactory sim to hold it in. Tested the Nyte n Day outfit in Port Seraphine, but I suppose the faerie outfit won’t go very well with the Renaissance/Old World theme of the gardens 😉

Les Fleurs du Mal
Outfit: Nyte n’ Day Connate Plum Set. Accessories: "Simple" Stiletto in Chrome/Black, Sylfie Minogue; Evole Sunglasses, Primoptic.

Heiress Suit
Outfit: Last Call’s The Heiress Suit; Last Call Venezia Gown top worn as a camisole, tinted brown. Accessories: Evening Handbag, Deux Filles; "Simple" Stiletto in Chrome/Black, Evole Sunglasses. Prefab home by Maximilian Milosz of Maximum/Minimum

New acquisitions: The Heiress Suit is possibly my favourite of the outfits that I’ve bought in Dazzle/Last Call since their new opening. It’s sleek, sophisticated and sexy, and you can wear a tank under it to add class instead of leaving your belly bare. Prim cuffs and cuff ties for the capris. Opted to use my own shades rather than the ones that come with the outfit. Nyte n’ Day’s new Connate Plum business-inspired set can be worn with a jacket or without. I like the scarf, though perhaps it could be a little bit longer.

Celebrity has been wearing my jewelry with several of the new outfits that were featured on Second Style, and I can say it makes me quite happy that some of my very first products are being matched with the work of some very talented and well-known SL designers. Only I really wish that I was working on a new jewelry line rather than trying to patch together an MC script for the show. There’s something rare and satisfying in working on something that requires so much effort and concentration, over such minute detail, and hearing from other people that you did a passable job at it. I’m a terrible perfectionist, and I can’t ever seem to relax or stop worrying over my pieces until I’m told I did well on them. Even then I keep examining them for flaws. To date I’m most proud of the new Claris line of pearl and diamond chokers/bracelets I made, since I know that they’re some of my best work, done in a single afternoon and done simply for myself (I wanted a pearl set and was dissatisfied with all the pearl jewelry I’d seen on the grid). The chokers are 163 prims, less of a sim-killer than the 255 prims on the Triste necklaces, but they look quite opulent, especially with the bracelet. I love giving them away, which isn’t very practical of me, I realise.

Also, I need to get a new product out there and reviewed; so far only Style Disorder blogged about my store, so I’m not getting the sales I’d hoped for. Linden Lifestyles didn’t even come by when they were invited, but I’m just going to assume they were far too busy to blog about such a small store.

I’m not about to dip into my credit card again, either, as I feel guilty blowing RL dough on something so frivolous as virtual silk and diamonds 😉

Outfit deadline is today! *cracks whip*
I’ve managed to find a layout artist for the booklet, shipped the profiles and photos off to her (note to self, never, ever attempt to gather data on so many people again, and ask them for pictures, it’s a bit of a hassle when someone is late or doesn’t to follow instructions) and begun working on the MC script by jotting down notes on the outfits. It sounds more work-intensive than would be thought of an in-game activity, but it requires far more focus and is less mind-killing than the grind on L2, so I shouldn’t be complaining.

9 Responses to “SL Fashion Roundup”

  1. yade Says:

    lol! I just now realized this is your gaming blog…! I always wondered why you only talk about SL in your lj….

    But very interesting to see the images, since I don’t play SL.

  2. caliah Says:

    It’s an utterly absorbing game for creative, more social/cooperative types than the average MMO gamer.

  3. thebigbolich Says:

    Pf, you and your sexy pics 😛

    Needs more bondage gear.

  4. avalonbirke Says:

    The Claris line is stunning – the detail, the texture…I love it. I was at your shop yesterday. I’ll go back and add it to my picks 🙂 Am saving up for the choker – it would look great in a gown but also with a nice suit. And the bridal possibilities seem endless, with June on the horizon.

  5. caliah Says:

    You and your kinks!

    I want to make a punk accessory line, but bdsm ey…*scratches chin*

    I can’t think of what kind of jewelry I’d be making though. Razorblades? XD

  6. caliah Says:

    Thank you 🙂 I’m really happy with how it turned out, though I still want to add a pearl rope for a looser look.

    Someone already requested a custom wedding set…*laughs* I’m terrible at wedding jewelry, even if I did make a set of rings for my jewelry class.

  7. caliah Says:

    Making *for* it even. Bah.

  8. Stuart Cross Says:

    A white gold heart pendant for the one you love
    A white gold diamond cross pendant to show your faith

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