Moving the Muse, Insolence and a Haven

Caliah in Louise
The ads from my photo shoot with Camilla Yousuke of Insolence.
Since the Imogen sim is being remodelled, Lucas Lameth of EARTHTONES Boutique generously offered to host my store selections at his own shop. I was far too busy producing my next release to attend to searching for another store location, so this was an immense relief. Shortly after I had set up my vendors at Dos Corazones, and was working on my watches, I had the good fortune to be introduced by Euterpe to Ged Larsen, the creator of the handy Looprez script that designers can use to automate the creation of prim skirts. He blogged about our meeting here – and I can say I was honestly happy to have met such a talented and articulate individual (who happens to be a pleasure to work with). He is the proud new owner of the Linji sim on the new continent, and Euterpe and I are planning to open shop there in a regulated, unthemed community.

I’m tremendously excited at this opportunity; Ged’s ideas for the sim are exactly what a new designer like myself would be looking for if they wanted to find a community similar to Amicitia or Tableau, but far more open to people less well-established than the big names are. I’m deciding now whether I want a prefab, or a custom build for what will be a much larger store than I’ve ever used. So many possibilities!

Here, too, is the final poster of the watch release. It seems to have turned out well, and a good number of Fashcon enthusiasts and shoppers dropped by to buy themselves one the day of the release, so I’m happy.

Muse Classic Tank Watch poster

The watches are in the right wing of the EARTHTONES store. 🙂


Blip on the radar

Just a little note, since I’ve been too busy making things to blog lately. My team in SLRFL (Second Life Relay for Life), Shopaholics for a Cause (yep, fitting) is composed mostly of designers who want to help out by setting up kiosks in their shops or making items exclusively for the event, proceeds from which will go to the charity.

Muse Watches
For my next release, I’m making a bunch of ladies’ classic tank watches with alligator straps in various candy colours as well as your requisite black, red and white, in silver or gold finish with suede backing on the straps. I’m thinking of either doing an exclusive jewelry piece for SLRFL or a limited pink edition watch inserted in a watch fatpack. All the parts, including the hands, brilliants, buckles, strap bands, etc. are prims, the only things that aren’t are the surface of the dial and the logo/numeral 12. I’m having trouble getting a script for the second hand to move correctly though, as setlocalrot seems borked.

Any suggestions for jewelry or pieces I should attempt for SLRFL are welcome. 🙂

Sunflowers and Lighthouses

Music: I’ve just gotten hooked on Evergrey – which might be odd considering my musical tastes are all over the place, but I’ve not heard a band with such consistency in a while. I have to credit SL with introducing me to Regina Spektor, though.

LJ: Just edited the entry on "300" to include this url on the movie’s 300 Press Conference in-game: It has some tidbits on the rumoured "Watchmen" movie, as well. I also met in-world and had a little chat about SL sights and her virtual home.

SL Updates:
I just had to blog two of my SL outfits recently, as they are among my favourites. The first was an impromptu mix I came up with for St. Patty’s Day, and the second is my favourite outfit for this week, Ginny’s Dressage jacket and jeans, the pic of which does not do it justice.

St. Patrick's Day (Tableau)Caliah in Last Call's Dressage (Amicitia)
One: Relika Itamae‘s Disco Fever top in Green/Gold (w/ scarf), Bare Rose’s Weekend Pass Skirt in Green, VAMP Boardroom Bish alligator pumps in Pewter, Muse Triste Coeur earrings in Gold, Naughty Winsome II hair in Cool Bay; Two: Dressage (Hunt Club Collection) from Last Call, Suede Knee-high Boots from Sylfie Minogue, Winsome II hair in Sand Dollar

Pictures were taken in Tableau and Amicitia, respectively. The former has a tiny cafe nook beteen two of the shops, which is my favourite spot in the entire sim. It has wrought-iron chairs, terracotta floortiles and a Van Goghesque pot of sunflowers. Just lovely.

I admit I didn’t promote my shop or its wares as extensively as I should have. I was afraid of getting a lukewarm response from the buying public, so I still feel all warm and fuzzy inside when someone posts a review. In this case, I’d been hoping and waiting for it since Celebrity had practically bought out my store (yay):


Jewelry by Muse – Celebrity Trollop

Caliah Lyon has been one busy avatar lately. She was the coordinator for the Second Convention Fashion show a week ago, and she’s gotten several modeling gigs recently — notably as one of Ginny Talamasca’s Girls Next Door (not difficult to understand given these ads!)

I was thrilled she could work with me on our lingerie layout for Second Style #7. But something I didn’t know was that Caliah also makes beautifully elegant and classy jewelry. Since she sent me a sample of her Coeur design, I’ve seen been back to buy the rest of the collection so far — the Claris pearl choker and earrings, the Laurelin necklace and another beautiful dangly gold and silver design. You’ve probably seen the various pieces of the collection in several pictures I’ve posted here on the blog — it’s never far from my thoughts when the outfit calls for something strikingly original and elegant. These initial pieces show a lot of promise and I hope to see much more forthcoming releases from Caliah.

Caliah’s store, Muse, is currently found in Imogen.

Now I just need to follow up 🙂 I’ve been getting quite a few modelling gigs as she noted, which was a nice surprise (Zagoskin Haute Couture from Euterpe Zagoskin, and lately an offer from camilla Yosuke of Insolence). I’m still a freelancer, however.