Moving the Muse, Insolence and a Haven

Caliah in Louise
The ads from my photo shoot with Camilla Yousuke of Insolence.
Since the Imogen sim is being remodelled, Lucas Lameth of EARTHTONES Boutique generously offered to host my store selections at his own shop. I was far too busy producing my next release to attend to searching for another store location, so this was an immense relief. Shortly after I had set up my vendors at Dos Corazones, and was working on my watches, I had the good fortune to be introduced by Euterpe to Ged Larsen, the creator of the handy Looprez script that designers can use to automate the creation of prim skirts. He blogged about our meeting here – and I can say I was honestly happy to have met such a talented and articulate individual (who happens to be a pleasure to work with). He is the proud new owner of the Linji sim on the new continent, and Euterpe and I are planning to open shop there in a regulated, unthemed community.

I’m tremendously excited at this opportunity; Ged’s ideas for the sim are exactly what a new designer like myself would be looking for if they wanted to find a community similar to Amicitia or Tableau, but far more open to people less well-established than the big names are. I’m deciding now whether I want a prefab, or a custom build for what will be a much larger store than I’ve ever used. So many possibilities!

Here, too, is the final poster of the watch release. It seems to have turned out well, and a good number of Fashcon enthusiasts and shoppers dropped by to buy themselves one the day of the release, so I’m happy.

Muse Classic Tank Watch poster

The watches are in the right wing of the EARTHTONES store. 🙂

7 Responses to “Moving the Muse, Insolence and a Haven”

  1. stephen_bentham Says:

    I can see why the Insolence ads took a while. Wow. o0

    Another spate of good luck! The temporary store in EARTHTONES is looking good, and I agree that the watch release went very well. Your fellow perfectionists are certainly satisfied with it. I think it’ll be a consistent seller for quite a while. Eagerly awaiting the men’s version. 😀

    You certainly met Ged at the right time. That script was giving us so much trouble, but you ended up not only with proper rotation, but actual timekeeping…and a perfect spot for a new store. Woot!

    I say go for a custom build. 😀


  2. thebigbolich Says:

    The insolence ads are very smexy.

    Mmmmm, Lingerie!Cal.

  3. avalonbirke Says:

    That is so cool, Caliah. And the watches are lovely – I have the silver Natural set, and they keep time easily and perfectly.

  4. caliah Says:

    Thank you ^^ I’m really glad you like them.

    I should be releasing a free gift soon, but I’ve been swamped yet again with the prospect of building in this new sim.

  5. violet_bisiani Says:

    I love my watch set 🙂

    Caliah, you are an awesome designer. I am always checking in for new items in your store. You pay SO much attention to detail that it just blows my mind!

    Oh, and thanks for the Last Call information. I forked over $2K, but as Avalon and I agreed, I also SAVED $2K, and it’s only $8 USD 😛

  6. caliah Says:

    Custom build = $$$$

    Still digging for textures >.<

    The Tableau textures aren’t too hard. They just use visible tile seams.

  7. caliah Says:

    Thank you 🙂 I really do make the effort to make sure all the items will pass visual muster, and being a perfectionist it’s not an easy task.

    Agh…I spent about double that, but it wasn’t all my money x.x

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