Muse Claire Ballet Collection

This week’s new release is a tiny pair of ballet slippers on a delicate chain, adorned with a prim ribbon and accented with princess-cut diamonds. The Claire Ballet Collection came about from a desire to make something unexpected and quirkily innovative while retaining the look of Muse jewellery. I wished to make something lighthearted, fun and delicate, with dance or music as the central theme.

Ballet Collection

The necklace comes in four satiny pastel shades:

Three styles of earrings complement the set.

And all can be purchased in a fatpack at a discounted price. The new collection is now available at the Muse main store, at Earthtones, Dos Corazones, Triumph New Designer’s Forum, and Tristan Cove.

I will be releasing a version with a slightly smaller chain to fit child avatars, if you find that these don’t fit yours with a little adjusting 🙂

Also, all sales from the Claire Ballet Necklace in Lilac go to the Relay For Life. 🙂 Don’t forget to keep donating, all help is greatly appreciated!

On my Gift Vendors:

Since I’ve had a few inquiries on how my gift vendors work, here is a short rundown on how to use them:

1) Click on the "Gift" button. You will see the following instructions:
Please enter the name of the person you wish to purchase the gift for, prefixing the name with /100 ,e.g: /100 Caliah Lyon. Alternatively touch the gift button to again to cancel.
2) Enter the name of the person you want to buy the gift for as instructed. The vendor will do a database search for her name if it is a valid one and you will see the following text:
Please wait whilst I check that I can deliver to —–.
~Muse~ Gift Vendor: I have found —–. Please pay the vendor L$xxx to have the item delivered to them.
3) Pay the vendor, and voila! You’ll have sent them the gift you paid for.

In other news, I will be opening a new store at Yu Ferraris’ Frontier Hills Japanese sim. Mr. Ferraris is a visionary who wants only the best for Japanese SL residents, and he’s done much to realise his goal of creating a luxury shopping sim. More than a few talented designers are already on the list, so it looks like Frontier Hills will be a premier shopping destination very soon. On my wishlist: a strappy, elegant metallic sandal to go with the spring/summer fashions. I’ve been looking but nothing I’ve seen fits the bill, so the search continues 🙂