Muse Chinoiserie Fan Collection

I made this set for the Asian Designer Summit along with an as-yet unreleased Blossom Sprig ornament. Inspired by classic Chinese Fan cloisonne earrings, these are crafted from enamelled wood, semi-precious stone beads, wafer-thin gold and gold filigree. Available in four hues – Crimson, Jade, Azure and Onyx. These earrings and necklaces have been assembled by hand. Please click the photos to see the primwork up close 🙂

Chinoiserie Fan Collection

Click on the photos for a closer look at the primwork.

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Year in Review

Today is my first ever rezday 🙂 Although I’m not holding a party, I just wanted to muse a little and thank the people who’ve made this such an enjoyable journey. Thank you all for your words of inspiration, your encouragement, your advice, friendship and kindness.

CasualsFox with a SwordPink Uchikake w/ Kimono 2Ridden Kitty
Goofing Around

I joined Second Life in August 24 of last year thinking to use it as a platform for machinima, guessing that the graphics engine was too primitive to hold my interest for long. My machine was rather dated back then, and what I glimpsed of SL was far from impressive. Despite that, even on the very first day, there were intriguing hints of the possibilities that what creatives in such a medium were capable of. So I stuck around, exploring and learning very gradually, and continuing to be astonished at the surprising beauty and creativity that could be found within the world.

My first impressions of Second Life, a game review. Note that this was written about two days after I’d been in-world, as I didn’t spend a great deal of time in SL due to my connection 🙂

I met after only a week of play, in which all I did mostly was socialise. We became fast friends, practically inseparable as we explored the grid, and for the most part my SL experience has been with him. He and I have both undergone some rather interesting personal evolution together, and had enough amusing experiences for an SL lifetime. Though we’ve known each other for nearly a year, we were partnered only in June, as I’m rather stubborn about things like that 🙂

I didn’t set out to be a designer, but it was a dream of mine after only a week in-world. Neither did I think I’d be doing jewellery until after I took an NCI class; only then did I realise I had a knack for working with tiny prims. After I graduated in January people started pressuring me to sell my work, so I relented. Enter Daydreamer Langway (great guy and one of my closest SL friends, practically a sib), and my first store in Imogen thanks to the kindness of the sim owner, Haver Cole. It was short-lived, however, as I was still dabbling and had no idea how to market myself. Meanwhile, I took some modelling opportunities for both photo and runway, and ran into Celebrity, who asked me to model for the February issue of Second Style. It was an eye opener on how I had to be more versatile as a model, and on the fact I needed more shoes >.< Modelling was always something I did almost purely for enjoyment, and I continued to do some runway shows and photo shoots, mostly for friends (I was never more excited about it as when I got the opportunity to model for Last Call).

Back then, Zatzai and company had an idea for the Second Convention. It was a great opportunity to become more involved in the fashion industry as well as learn the tricks of managing a show, and I met and got to know Lucas Lameth and several other designers, who have since become good friends. Luc graciously offered to host my work in his store (where it has stayed ever since) while I looked for another suitable location for my main boutique.

I moved to Linji a short time afterwards, and had my work cut out for me. Nevertheless I didn’t really settle into the grind, but continued to play at a leisurely pace. I didn’t want SL to become a place of obligations, though that has gradually changed, and I find myself enjoying each step as I develop myself as a designer. Creatively, I’ve begun to branch out, and have some surprises in store for when the Asian Designer Summit is done. I continue to encounter some very talented and great people, and am still a hopeless fashion addict, so it looks like my love affair with SL (or rather, my sphere in it) is far from over.

Muse NookMuse Shop Interior 2
Linji Haven

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