Muse Chinoiserie Fan Collection

I made this set for the Asian Designer Summit along with an as-yet unreleased Blossom Sprig ornament. Inspired by classic Chinese Fan cloisonne earrings, these are crafted from enamelled wood, semi-precious stone beads, wafer-thin gold and gold filigree. Available in four hues – Crimson, Jade, Azure and Onyx. These earrings and necklaces have been assembled by hand. Please click the photos to see the primwork up close 🙂

Chinoiserie Fan Collection

Click on the photos for a closer look at the primwork.

Crimson Fan NecklaceCrimson Fan Earrings

Jade Fan NecklaceJade Fan Earrings

Azure Fan NecklaceAzure Fan Earrings

Onyx Fan NecklaceOnyx Fan Earrings

All parts are prims, including the tiny spokes for the fan. The gold wafers for the fan sections themeselves are hair-thin (a new technique in primcrafting for me) and almost invisible when viewed from the side. The beads, as with any of my pieces that have beadwork, will shift shades in different lighting conditions.

To celebrate this release, for the first two hours anyone who purchases one colour piece can get another colour free (ie. if you buy a pair of Onyx fan earrings you can choose another pair of earrings in a different colour). Please send me a notecard after your purchase and include which colour you would like for free. (Offer valid until 7:30 am SLT)

I hope you enjoy these 🙂

In the ad I’m wearing the Bronze Basic Nude 1 Makeup of the new TaP Vivant line, the Kimono Blossom Wrap Dress in Cherry Red from Earthtones, and a chopped-off ETD Anisa hairdo.

SLURL: Linji, (143, 151, 49)

4 Responses to “Muse Chinoiserie Fan Collection”

  1. ladyofavalon77 Says:

    The beads are amazing and I love the small parts of the fan 🙂 It’s a classic piece!

  2. caliah Says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Wanda Says:

    I really like the fans too.

  4. justin lyric song timberlake Says:

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