Muse New Releases: The Chatelaine and the Dauphine Collections

These new collections are available now at the Jewelry Expo 🙂
Muse @ The Jewelry Expo SLURL:

The Chatelaine Collection

The Chatelaine Brooch came about from a desire to create both a brooch and a long, dangling sautoir-style piece, doing without the symmetry of a traditional sautoir while retaining a bit of the dramatic length. I kept thinking of how they were worn draped over one shoulder in the past, and so built this piece around that bit of inspiration.

The Chatelaine Shoulder Brooch and Chain (Silver)

The brooch itself is centred on a diamond, with delicate wafers of gold or silver furled around it, and a cluster of both black and white pearls. The feather was almost an afterthought, but it rounded out the piece as well as lending it a unique touch. As the chain and brooch did look just as good without the feather, I added the option to allow the wearer to do away with the feather entirely, or choose its colour (black or white). I’ve been handpainting feathers for a while now, as part of another project of mine, so I thought to try it here.

I would have opted for a more delicate chain but for practicality’s sake, and to balance the brooch, the chain is larger than what I usually work with. The name itself hasn’t anything to do with the waist-chain, but rather the original meaning – the lady of the castle. It’s best worn with the Celine simple pearl drop earrings.

Chatelaine Shoulder Brooch & Chain (Gold) Chatelaine Shoulder Brooch & Chain (Silver)

To complete the set, I created a simpler, elegant choker in the same asymmetric style. It was an excuse to have the feather close to the neck, and for trying out a sleek, streamlined shape that I personally like very much.

Chatelaine Choker (gold) Chatelaine Choker (silver)

The Dauphine Collection

The Dauphine Collection is a sleeker modern-day rendition of Rococo styles: finely worked filigree, crystal with just a hint of colour and tiny diamonds for a touch of brilliance.

The necklace and earrings come in either gold or silver, and five different colours of stone. Each necklace comes in two versions: a larger version for more flair, and a smaller for a subtler, more everyday look, or for smaller avatars. Each pair of earrings comes in a long, drop style, or a shorter version for a more delicate look.

Dauphine Necklaces in Silver
Dauphine Silver/Champagne Dauphine silver/frost Dauphine Silver/Rose
Dauphine Silver/Ice Blue Dauphine Silver/Lavender

Dauphine Necklaces in Gold
Dauphine Gold/Blue Dauphine Gold/Rose Dauphine Gold/Frost
Dauphine Gold/Lavender Dauphine Gold Champagne

Dauphine Earrings in Silver
Dauphine Silver/Champagne Earrings Dauphine Silver/Rose Earrings Dauphine Silver/Frost earrings
Dauphine Silver/Ice Blue Dauphine Silver/Lavender

Dauphine Earrings in Gold
Dauphine Gold/Champagne Earrings Dauphine Gold/Lavender Earrings Dauphine Gold/Ice Blue
Dauphine Gold/Frost Earrings Dauphine Gold/Rose Earrings

I hope you enjoy the rest of what the Expo has to offer!

Muse @ The Jewelry Expo SLURL:

6 Responses to “Muse New Releases: The Chatelaine and the Dauphine Collections”

  1. ladyofavalon77 Says:

    I ADORE the Dauphine collection…a must for any elegant fashionistas wardrobe! The lovely light shade of color on the pearls, the tiny diamonds. Just perfect 🙂

  2. avalonbirke Says:

    I braved the lag just for the Chatelaine Brooch and it is stunning, Caliah – as always, gorgeous design and execution!
    Now having seen the Dauphine I’ll be visiting Muse this week. Absolutely lovely.

  3. caliah Says:

    Thank you!

  4. caliah Says:

    The Dauphine took me an inordinately long time to complete *chuckles* I hope it was all worth it.

  5. gbtunney Says:

    may i ask.. how long does it take you from start to finish to make jewelry like this?

  6. caliah Says:

    Hi Delaney 🙂

    It depends on how focused I am really. The Dauphine actually took more like 1-2 days, because I was intent on finishing it on time. It’s anywhere from 1-2 days for pieces after I’m done conceptualising them to around five for very hard ones 🙂 The Dauphine set was actually much harder, as it’s more intricate than the Chatelaine.

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