Muse Updates: NY Gift Box

I feel very honored and pleased to be included in Iris Ophelia’s "10 Second Life Fashion Designers Who Should Get Real" for New World Notes. Muse has been for the most part a labour of love, and it’s gratifying to know that others appreciate the detail and effort that’s gone into my designs. Thank you!

A Muse gift box is available for free at the Fashion Avenue sim for the premiere of the CSI:NY episode on CBS, with a limited edition variant of the Muse Classic Tank Watch in honey-coloured blonde croc, for both men and women, and a gold and freshwater pearl set of two necklaces, a bracelet and earrings. The gift box will be sent out early to the Muse Fine Jewelry group (to join, search for "Muse Fine Jewelry" in groups).



Muse’s entire store inventory is now available on Onrez! View my listings at Muse updates will now be posted to Muse Fine Jewelry on WordPress. Please update your bookmarks; the LJ will continue to mirror the updates until the new blog is added to the Fashion Planet feed. Have a great week, everyone!


Welcome to the Muse Diary

Muse offers a selection of finely crafted luxury and artisan jewelry, known for the painstaking attention paid to prim detail, realism and overall quality. The jewellery boutique opened its doors in January of 2007, and caters to a small but loyal clientele, with branches in Linji, Last Call, and Frontier Hills. Classic, real-world designs may be found here, as well as some innovative pieces, watches, and parures.

Please visit our boutiques to view our collections.

Muse: Limited Edition Group Gift

The Dauphine Necklace and Earrings in Silver/Jet, seen in the photos for Nicky Ree’s Swan Queen in Black, is now available for a limited time only as a group gift. Search in groups for "Muse Fine Jewelry" to join my new update group 🙂

Have a wonderful morning, everyone.