Muse Re-Release: The Claris Pearl Collection

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“The Claris Pearl and Diamond sets are comprised of a classic pearl choker, a double-stranded bracelet and a pair of simple pearl earring studs, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any gown or cocktail dress.”

The Claris Pearl Set was one of my very first jewellery sets in SL, released in in late February ’07. I’ve had many happy customers telling me this is one of their classic favourites, and many inquiries as to whether I would make the version in black pearl available for newer players.

After some considerable thought, I decided to re-release the Claris Black Pearl Set for these reasons, as well as that the Margaux Pearl necklaces may be matched with either the Celine Pearl Drop Earrings or the Claris Pearl studs, and the black pearl studs were unavailable for customers who’d purchased the black Margaux necklace. I hope that everyone who might have missed a chance at these sets will be pleased 🙂 They are priced the same as their white pearl counterparts, at 400L for the chokers, 200L for the bracelets and 50L for the earrings.


SLURL: Muse (148, 148, 24)


Happy Holidays from Muse

Bells and Ribbons at Muse

I know I’m a little late in putting out a holiday gift, but I made a little something for my group members.

There are red, green, dark green and dark red ribbons with either gold or silver bells, as well as black and white versions (wearable year-round!) for group members only. Touch the display to receive your gift – group members get all colours (they don’t need to buy the $1L box).

Black and white ribbons with flexi ribbon ends and fur. 

The red and green ribbons are available to the public in one of the gift boxes on the small tables inside the store.


SLURL: Muse (148, 148, 24)

Muse Vendors Updated

All vendors at the Muse main store have now been updated to Hippovend for faster delivery, less lag and less chances of failed delivery. They look the same, except that the info button has been removed. To use the new vendors, click on the “Gift” button. You’ll be asked the name of the recipient, and after saying her name in open chat, just pay the vendor. As with the older vendors you have to stand close to the display (within 10m) to receive the messages. Happy holidays!

SLURL: Muse (148, 148, 24)

Muse Gift Certificates Now Available

Give your loved ones the gift of choice this holiday season. Muse Gift Certificates are now available at the main store in denominations of 250L, 500L, 750L, 1000L, 2000L and 5000L. I’ve also supplied some boxes in which to wrap your gifts for only 10L each.

SLURL: Muse (148, 148, 24)

Muse: Thank you!

Muse (147, 147, 24)

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who made the opening a great success. I was delighted at the turnout and the fact that people stayed even long after the treasure hunt and raffle were over, it made all the hard work worth it. Credit for the Muse build has to go to CJ Carnot of Tete a Pied, whose work is always amazing. If you want to see more of his work, visit Fleur, their new sim. My thanks also goes out to the designers in the Plaza, who contributed so many great prizes for your enjoyment.

Just a reminder that the 50% sale at Muse continues until 6 pm today! This is a thank-you of sorts to visitors to our sim, so come by if you want to avail of the discount 🙂

Gift items, vendors, the Chatelaine collection and the four new releases (Celestine, Marguerite, Eclectic, and Margaux) aren’t included in the sale but everything else is, so come and visit before the sale is over!

SLURL: Muse (147, 147, 24)

Muse New Releases for the Sim Opening

SLURL: Muse (147, 147, 24)

Announcing four new releases to commemorate the opening of the new Muse sim. Be sure to stop by for a treasure hunt (with a limited number of prizes) a raffle draw and some free gifts courtesy of the shops in our plaza. Besides Muse packs of the new releases, prizes being given way include items and certificates from Storm Schmooz, Nicky Ree, Tete a Pied, Savvy, Tuli and many more. The sim opens to group members at 12 noon, and the public at 6 pm SLT. Remember that all my jewellery will be 50% OFF from 12:00 nn SLT on Dec. 16th to 6:00pm SLT on Dec. 18th, with the exception of the Chatelaine collection and my new releases. Gift vendors and items in my satellite stores will not be included in the sale.


Delicately crafted of platinum and diamonds, the Celestine collection was created, not just as seasonal jewellery, but as a signature diamond set suitable for evening attire all-year round, with a winter Snowflake variant, and another with a slender dangling pendant (Diamond Frost). Both may be worn interchangeably with the different kinds of earrings in this set. Each necklace contains close to a hundred tiny diamonds, and in certain lighting settings (Windlight) the larger gems give off a subtle glow.

The Marguerite Peacock Feather set is a quirky take on feathered jewelry. The stylised peacock feather is comprised of individual filaments of hammered gold, sapphires, tsavorite garnets, brilliants and amethysts.


The Eclectic Collection was inspired by the fall/winter 2007 jewelry trends of chunky gold accessories and organic shapes. The hand-crafted beaten gold links are accented with diamonds, and either agates, aquamarines, amethysts or tsavorite garnets. The necklace may be worn either on the chest or spine attachment point for easy layering with slimmer necklaces to complete a polished look. A matching sculpted watch bracelet rounds out the collection.

The Margaux Draped Pearl Necklace is a simple six-strand necklace made to simulate a draped pearl rope. The pearls fasten in back with gold or silver clasps. Available in white or black Tahitian pearls.

Muse Raffle Schedule

We will be choosing two random visitors within the sim to receive gifts every hour. If by some chance you already have the item, please let us know so we can arrange for a substitute prize. Good luck!

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