The Claris Choker Incident and Updates

After discovering an identical copy of my Claris pearl choker in-world and taking the appropriate steps to confront the individual responsible, I’m happy to say that we’ve reached a compromise with the person and that for the most part our conversations with him were civil. Although he has claimed that the choker was taken off a real-life choker rather than the Claris, he demonstrated his willingness to cooperate and has agreed to take down the item provided he be allowed to rework the design into something clearly different. He will be giving us updates on its progress.

Thank you Phoenix and Tamara, this means a lot to me that you as well as others, designers and bloggers alike, are giving me their wholehearted support in this incident. I’m warmed by it and by the regard and consideration of the fashion community, more than most would guess. My thanks also goes to Ben Vanguard for providing the translations we needed. I’m greatly relieved that this was settled without causing more stress than it has, and in a relatively civil manner given the difficulty of the situation. I will be posting more on this once the item is updated.

I’m taking this opportunity to urge the fashion community to keep an eye out for infringing content and to report it directly to the designers whose work you think has been compromised. It seems that reports of such theft are coming in daily and it’s saddening that honest content creators are being robbed of their ideas and their creations by these thieves.

As for my own updates, I am working on recolours of the Marguerite set and Valentine’s Day offerings as well as new, more sophisticated pearl textures, I have to apologise if I haven’t given any notice so far on what I’ve been doing. Certain people may have spotted me on the grid in a completely…different guise, which is I assure you only for experimental and design purposes :>

One Response to “The Claris Choker Incident and Updates”

  1. Arianna Psaltery Says:

    So glad it worked out. Your pearl choker is a staple of my jewelry collection 🙂

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