Tuli Relay for Life Release

Tuli asked me to contribute a necklace that would match her RFL release, and I came up with a lariat that I enjoyed making. I put a lot more detail into it than I thought I would, and it is a little on the small side (as with most of my work) but I hope you like it.

detail detail2


Other releases have been put on hold since I’m both working on things for GLAM SL and doing a brand revamp 🙂

TP to Tuli’s RFL booth at Rezzable Discover (227, 178, 26)


6 Responses to “Tuli Relay for Life Release”

  1. Tuli Says:

    You are tha bomb miss Lyon! It’s exquisite, as is everything you make! Thanks again =))

  2. tilla Says:

    Just bought this set, absolutely fabulous, loved the necklace especially but the whole set was lovely

  3. [review] []::Tuli::[] | Ana Lutetia Says:

    […] skirts. Last, the TULI RFL 2008 limited set is a joint venture between Tuli and Caliah Lyon from Muse Fine Jewelry. Tuli made a beautiful outfit and Caliah donated a remarkable new lariat necklace to the set. This […]

  4. Stuart Cross Says:

    stunning white gold heart pendants on this post

  5. london olympics Says:

    lovely set of pearl drop pendant

  6. andy heart Says:

    Wow exquisite jewellery

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