Absence I wanted to post this just to clarify that I haven’t been starting another new jewellery venture under another name. Because of school I simply don’t have time for much besides logging in occasionally to SL to check on how things are going. So any uncanny resemblances between my avatar (old or new) or my work for Muse to anything that might crop up in-world are not the result of my own efforts 🙂 Thank you, and I apologise to my customers if I’ve been gone.

I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate Tuli on her birthday (remember she has a couple of things in her stores set to 34L!) as well as her brand new sim Journey. Be sure to drop by Lucas Lameth’s newly rebranded store as well. I wasn’t able to log on in time for Fleur’s launch of their new line of skins, Allure, but that’s another thing I have to catch up on.

Take care everyone and I hope you’ve been having a good month so far 🙂