The Armoire Jewelry Showcase

Armoire Releases

Come to the Armoire Show to see two new sets specially created for this one of a kind event. I’ve also created a hunt gift (photos below). The jewellers participating in the show have prepared many beautiful sets for you.  The new sets from Muse are in the very centre of the main pavillion, please let me know if you have trouble finding them 🙂


The Armoire Jewelry Showcase
The Armoire Jewelry Showcase
The Armoire Jewelry Showcase

The Armoire Jewelry Showcase
The Armoire Jewelry Showcase

For five days (March 18 – 22), you are invited to a special trunk-show designed to showcase finely crafted jewelry.  Five designers (Candy Cerveau, Caliah Lyon, Violet Voltaire, Kesseret Steeplechase, and Saiyge Lotus) have created a mystical labyrinth with living dioramas that reflect the moods of their collections.  In each of these rooms, models will showcase these jeweler’s wares, with a pavilion for purchases nestled at the center of the maze.  The Journeyman’s Quest is the hunt challenge within this event, yielding jewelry (including limited edition items) for the tenacious journeyman jeweler.  See jewelry in a way that you haven’t before!

Event Duration: March 18th 9 am SLT through March 22nd 10 pm SLT (constant)


Jewelry Featured on Models –  March 22nd 12 noon – 2 pm

A Journeyman’s Quest
The Armoire Jewelry Showcase The Armoire Jewelry Showcase

You are a journeyman jeweler newly learning your trade.  You have traveled to a magical labyrinth where you’ve heard you can perfect your skills with some of the finest jewelers in the land.  You’ve been given a jewelry box to collect gems for your creations, and in the labyrinth, your task is to seek those magical gems.  Collect six of each color to gain a Key of Knowledge that opens magical chests — do they hold the knowledge that you seek?  Open the chests of silver and gold, and your quest for the Master’s exemplary jewelry is complete.

I hope you like these pieces, they are the first I’ve done in a long time. Look forward to more coming from Muse as I have one week free time 😉 These sets (with the exception of Nougatine Mini, which is a different version of an upcoming release) will be sold at the Muse mainstore after the show. All new textures!

The Armoire Jewelry Showcase


5 Responses to “The Armoire Jewelry Showcase”

  1. prissypixels Says:

    Gorgeous as always Caliah! So glad you are back! ❤ Elise

  2. Caliah Lyon Says:

    Thank you Elise 🙂

  3. hsj3i2uq Says:

    Hi, I like this site. Express you recompense tips. I build these tips rather helpful. But I got another question: where to accept admissible and tuppenny artist products?

  4. Steve gold-cross Says:

    beautiful jewellery images

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