Muse Armoire Showcase Reminder


This is a reminder that tomorrow is the last day for the Armoire show and the last day you can obtain the complete Nougatine Mini set.
The Nougatine bracelet is available from the silver chest while the gold contains the necklace (you need to purchase the Blanche necklace to get the Flawless gem to unlock this chest).
All the new releases are available for sale at the main pavilion.
Thank you for your support!

Muse Armoire Showcase Reminder


Style Information

Photo 1:
Muse Blanche Necklace (top), layered with the Muse Nougatine Mini Necklace and Blanche Earrings
Lelutka Shiri Top and Olimpia Pants in White
KA Designs Stiletto Heels in Gold
Skin: Lelutka London Revolution in Pale 6b
Hair: Lelutka Grace in Light Brown
Eyes: Glanz Transparency Shine Eyes (Gen 2) in Pure Purple
Lashes: Cake Bedroom Lashes

Photo 2:
Right Top: Muse Nougatine Mini Necklace
Right Bottom: Nougatine Mini Bracelet


5 Responses to “Muse Armoire Showcase Reminder”

  1. elysium Says:

    wow…. that top photo is absolutely stunning… the shading and the jewelry detail are perfect. beautiful work.

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  3. Alison Heart Says:

    Gemstone jewellery for all occasions

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