Muse Re-Release: The Claris Pearl Collection

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“The Claris Pearl and Diamond sets are comprised of a classic pearl choker, a double-stranded bracelet and a pair of simple pearl earring studs, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any gown or cocktail dress.”

The Claris Pearl Set was one of my very first jewellery sets in SL, released in in late February ’07. I’ve had many happy customers telling me this is one of their classic favourites, and many inquiries as to whether I would make the version in black pearl available for newer players.

After some considerable thought, I decided to re-release the Claris Black Pearl Set for these reasons, as well as that the Margaux Pearl necklaces may be matched with either the Celine Pearl Drop Earrings or the Claris Pearl studs, and the black pearl studs were unavailable for customers who’d purchased the black Margaux necklace. I hope that everyone who might have missed a chance at these sets will be pleased 🙂 They are priced the same as their white pearl counterparts, at 400L for the chokers, 200L for the bracelets and 50L for the earrings.


SLURL: Muse (148, 148, 24)